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Absolute Gold

Posted by Rhys Goodwin on August 31, 2022 · 2 mins read

A message to members,

I find it remarkable that each month you are willing to spare some of your valuable time and energy to TallyUp™ and I’m extremely grateful for it. Now you could argue that it’s not that much effort – Reply, Send – just a few clicks. But it’s not nothing. It says to me, that at least to some extent, you agree that we should build better ways of doing politics and you believe in this project. In this early stage while things are going slowly the cadence of the TallyUp provides a fuel for the project. You could think of it as the first cells of this organisation’s heart starting to beat. And it keeps me going despite often feeling that the task at hand is insurmountable.

If you consider that I’m willing to keep working for ░░ TallyUps per month, imagine how much collective willpower would be generated by 1000 a month. I bet that would be enough to get one or two others doing a few hours of mahi each month. You might even be one of those people. If you could see that the idea was gaining wider support, you might be willing to invest some more of your time and talent. In any case the point is that TallyUp is the foundational innovation of OneAction.

So ask yourself this question: “Are there 1000 other New Zealanders who believe we need to build new ways of doing politics and are willing to contribute - even 2mins per month?” - What about 20,000? Or 200,000? 200,000 is about 7% of voting citizens (2020 General Election).

My general sense from talking to a lot of people about this stuff is that the number of those who recognise the need for more collaborative politics is much higher than 7%.

But it’s one thing to recognise the need, and it’s another to actively do something. When you TallyUp you are actively sustaining the project, and that is absolute gold from my perspective ❤️. When you share the idea with someone else in earnest and encourage them to join the TallyUp you’re growing the project.

Thank You