OneAction NZ

Democracy Co-operative

Digital Democracy

(Coming in stage 4)

The OneAction Digital Democracy platform is an online place where our members participate in setting the outcomes they want to see for New Zealand, using things like:

  • Polls
  • Idea Submission and Ranking
  • Voting
  • Discussions
  • Live Debates
  • Guest Speakers and Expert Input

The platform aims to guide constructive outputs rather than just never-ending discussions as is often seen on Facebook and online forums.

Our values, and the outcomes we want for NZ form a basis for policy creation through our policy framework

Policy Framework

The OneAction Policy Framework provides a structured and transparent process for creating policy

Policy teams use the framework and take evidence, community input and research to build policy. An oversight team ensures the framework is followed and that the process is transparent and robust.

Once the policy is ready it is passed back to the membership and the policy team provides a clear explanation of:

  • How the policy works
  • How it aligns to values and outcomes
  • How outcomes will be measured
  • Possible risks
  • Trade-offs

The membership then votes on whether to accept the policy or send it back for re-work