OneAction NZ

Democracy Co-operative


We’re planting a seed, to build an organisation, to develop a platform, to have a conversation, to create policy, which represents what every day New Zealanders agree on

OneAction is building from the ground up, on a shoestring. We don’t have (and don't want) big funders. What we do have is a vision to transform politics in Aotearoa New Zealand, and a roadmap to get there. We will start the organisation through a series of pre-defined stages, where each stage is marked by a milestone in the TallyUp (the number of active members).

Initially in Stage 1 we’ll be in a sort of holding pattern where we’re just sharing the ideas and building support for them. This way people can get on-board and show their support without having to make any significant commitments. Showing support through the TallyUp process takes less than 2 minutes a month. Once we pass the 25,000 member mark we can all be fairly confident that we’ve got something worth pursuing, from there we'll really start building the organisation through volunteer effort and micro donations. The following shows the stages we’ll work through:

Stage 1 - Vision

TallyUp: 0-25,000
Donations Accepted: None

This is ground zero, where it’s all about spreading the idea and growing support for OneAction’s vision.

Stage 1 will run until the TallyUp reaches 25,000. No donations are accepted during this stage. Participation will just be the TallyUp but we'll also start bringing together people who are really keen to get involved at the early stages. Join here.

Stage 2 - Start-up

TallyUp: 25,000-50,000
Donations Accepted: $0-25/Month

In this stage we'll establish a core volunteer team and begin more detailed planning

In this stage donations will open with a maximum monthly limit of $25 per member. Learn more about donation limits here

Donations will be used to start establishing basic systems and processes, enabling meetings and travel. Remember every dollar in and every dollar out is completely transparent and viewable online in the open ledger

The Start-up stage runs until the TallyUp reaches 50,000

Stage 3 - Build

TallyUp: 50,000-150,000
Donations Accepted: $0-50/Month

This is where the real work begins. In the Build stage we'll create the digital democracy platform and policy framework. Members are verified to get ready for secure online participation and voting. Learn more about our plans for the OneAction Digital Democracy Platform and Policy Framework here

A lot of work has already been done around the world in various small projects to create some of the online tools that we'll need, but make no mistake, this is pioneering stuff and building our platform is going to be a huge task. The expectation is that there will be a mix of voluntary and paid work

The Build stage runs until the TallyUp reaches 150,000 and our online platform is at a stage where we can begin using it for collective decision making

Stage 4 - Quorum

TallyUp: 150,000-200,000
Donations Accepted: $0-150/Month

In Quorum stage we launch our digital democracy platform and members start actively participating.

The first rounds of participation will focus on setting the long-term values of the co-operative, and giving us an opportunity to update our constitution, should we decide to do so

Stage 5 - Launch

TallyUp: 200,000+
Donations Accepted: $0-200/Month

Game On! With the support of 200,000 New Zealanders OneAction will register as an official New Zealand political party. We will make history by being the first modern party to enter parliament on our first run.

Yes, you read that right, OneAction is turning politics on its head, we will only register as an official political party once we are prepared with a solid policy set and have the support we need to take seats in parliament.