OneAction NZ

Democracy Co-operative


OneAction is a grassroots, people-powered organisation. This is how we deal with money and transparency:

  • Membership is free
  • We don’t have big donors or external influencers. No fat cats!
  • OneAction is funded by monthly micro-donations from our memebers
  • There is no minimum donation (mebership is free), but there is a maximum monthly donation limit. This means one member can't donate significantly more than another, so growing funding relies on growing the membership
  • OneAction provides transparency of every dollar in and every dollar out and you can view this online (work is in progress on this)
  • We will only start accepting donations once we reach Stage 2 (TallyUp 25k)
  • We don’t spend money on public advertising. Our advertsing is by word-of-mouth. Our members are part-owners of the co-op, it's up to them to grow the membership - We will however spend money on print material to help our members share the vision
Check out our constitution to find out more.