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Democracy Co-operative

Nau mai | Welcome

Kia ora, welcome to OneAction Democracy Co-operative.

Aotearoa, the way we do politics is broken. I think it’s something most of us recognise, and when we look around the world it’s not hard to see that democracy is under threat.

Traditional politics is focused on getting our vote, not empowering us. It aims to concentrate power in the hands of politicians and leave us out of the picture - at least until the next election.

Traditional politics creates division not unity. It revolves around short-term thinking, and views everything through a lens of political risk. It’s a broken model and it has taken us as far as it can.

OneAction Democracy Co-op is a bit like a political party in that we seek seats in parliament. But we’re different in almost every other way...

OneAction’s sole purpose is to give our members a voice in the decisions that shape Aotearoa.

Us every day kiwis need to get a bit more involved in steering this great waka Aotearoa. OneAction is all about building an easy way to do just that - at massive scale.

We aim to do this by building a digital democracy platform where our members participate in setting the views and values they want for New Zealand.

In general elections we rely on votes from the co-op members not the public. In a sense, we vote for ourselves. OneAction won’t register as an official NZ political party until we have 200,000 members - enough to take seats at our first election.

Our vision is that by 2032 OneAction will have the support of at least 500,000 New Zealanders, and that for our members, taking part in setting Aotearoa’s direction will be a fun and rewarding part of everyday life.

We’re at stage 1 of our plan, which is just building support for the idea. Once we reach 25,000 members, we’ll move into the start-up stage.

Would you support a better way of doing politics in Aotearoa? Click here to join us. It takes less than 2 minutes per month to support OneAction

If you think it’s a good idea but do nothing, then a good idea is all it will ever be.

Rhys Goodwin - Founder