OneAction NZ

Democracy Co-operative

Who's behind OneAction?

Kia ora, I’m Rhys Goodwin, I’m the founder of OneAction NZ.

I’m in the process of developing the ideas and building a team. It's still very early days yet but I wanted to get this site up as a place to start gathering and sharing info. You can get in contact through the following email address.

My background is in technology architecture and project management, and I’m currently studying politics at Massey university. I conceived OneAction after being involved with The Opportunities Party leading up to, and beyond the 2017 general election. I was inspired by the potential of some of TOP's policies but eventually came to the view that there’s really no lack of good ideas out there, but rather a lack of political will. In my view, us everyday kiwis aren’t taking responsibility for the direction of our country, nor do we have a way to take responsibility. OneAction is my response, a way to innovate and transform the way we do politics, and to give everyday people a real voice in the decisions that shape Aotearoa New Zealand.