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Election season. Here it comes...

Posted by Rhys Goodwin on July 31, 2022 · 3 mins read

Kia ora folks,

With the 2023 election season fast approaching we’re already starting to see the billboards and promises appearing. What you’ll notice every single party which contests the 2023 election has in common is that they first and foremost are out to get something (our vote) not to give something of value. Rather than leading and engaging us in thoughtful discussion about the challenges we face and our direction as a country, they instead investigate every possible technique to find out what might push our buttons in just the right way to extract as much vote as possible. I’ve always found it interesting that politicians seldom talk about trade-offs or sacrifice. Is that because trade-offs are not an important part of the discussion? Or is it because politicians are not being open and involving us in the discussion.

This is where the OneAction model differs. OneAction aims to build a platform where people of different backgrounds and ideologies can constructively collaborate in good faith and ultimately build policy from the ground up to guide New Zealand. There are many New Zealanders, from the right and the left who recognise that divisive soundbite-politics isn’t working for us, especially when we consider the immense (and frankly scary) challenges we face. OneAction aims to give something of value to its members – a true voice and ownership in the decisions which shape our country. Where traditional parties aim to get power and keep it, OneAction aims to be a pathway between people and political power.

But first we have to build it! And that means finding a lot more New Zealanders who are prepared to move beyond petty politics and help raise our level of political maturity.

If you want to help make this dream a reality there are a few things you can do:

  • TallyUp™ each month to show your support. Building the number of people who support the idea is fundamental and the TallyUp is how we measure that support. It’s a small action, but it is an action, and that has power.
  • Get familiar with the concepts behind OneAction and share the idea with friends and family. There will come a time when the network effect rapidly accelerates the growth of the organisation but getting to that network effect is hard. Every person who joins the TallyUp brings us closer.
  • Get in contact if you want to be included in the initial meetings when we start building the organisation proper

Ngā mihi rā