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Draft Terms of Reference

Posted by Rhys Goodwin on April 30, 2023 · 1 min read

Kia ora folks,

This month I’m excited to introduce our first official collaboration project which is to create a Terms of Reference for developing our organisation, a springboard if you like.

While the OneAction project has served as a concept model and structure for my initial ideas, as we begin to solidify a team the intention is that we start from the beginning and build something together, drawing on what’s useful in this initial concept project and discarding the rest. The ToR is to get us started on that journey.

While I was preparing the TallyUp this month I was thinking about what makes this project so difficult, and I made a short video to share some thoughts.

Folks, democracy needs us, the terrible state of politics today needs us, New Zealand needs us. I dare you to imagine a better way of doing politics and how you could be part of making that happen. Is it not important work?

  • You can view Draft Terms of Reference here. I’ve made a start, but it might end up looking totally different. This is a view-only link but if you’d like to be involved in the development, get in touch

  • Want to support the idea with almost zero effort!? Join the TallyUp™ here!

Aroha nui