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What is the purpose of TallyUp?

Posted by Rhys Goodwin on June 01, 2020 · 2 mins read

Kia ora, welcome to OneAction. OneAction Democracy Co-operative is creating a totally new way of doing politics. We’re building an online platform where kiwis can participate in setting the direction and the outcomes they want to see in Aotearoa New Zealand

Tackling such an ambitious project without big funding is a huge challenge, so we plan to do it through a series of stages

Politics will be transformed by digital technology and OneAction aims to be at the forefront of that transformation and if you read our constitution, I hope you’ll agree that it provides a solid foundation for a Democracy Co-operative that works to deliver for the public good of all New Zealanders, in an effort to continue in Aotearoa’s roots of egalitarianism

In the first stage we’re testing the waters to see how many people would get onboard with the idea. TallyUp is the way we measure that interest. Once we get to 25,000 members it will be clear we have an idea worth pursuing and we'll move to the next stage on the roadmap

OneAction is focused 100% on our members and amplifying their voice, in contrast, traditional parties are focused on getting your vote. These are two very different perspectives

Traditional political parties only count their numbers once every 3 years, at an election. OneAction counts our numbers every month, and that’s the purpose of TallyUp

What we're embarking on here is possibly the most ambitious political project in Aotearoa’s history. It’s absolutely possible, but it will take a small amount of regular participation from you (less than 2 minutes per month)

Would you like to join OneAction to help build a new kind of politics?

Learn more about the TallyUp and our Roadmap</p>

We’re planting a seed, to build an organisation, to develop a platform, to have a conversation, to create policy, which represents what every day New Zealanders agree on